The online store registered under the domain HVAPOLAND.COM is run by the company AJK Jakub Odyjas with its registered seat at 1 Towarowa Street, 2-400 Zawiercie NIP 649-224-92-79, hereinafter referred to as the “seller” or the “store”.
General provisions

  1. The following meaning of words for each entity is established

  2. REGULATIONS – this document, in which the content of the Regulations is contained

  3. CUSTOMER – an individual making a purchase of a good for his own consumption or for further distribution, not having a legal entity , and having the legal capacity to perform legal acts, who under the terms of these Regulations makes a purchase in the online store.

  4. ENTERPRISE WITH CONSUMER’S PRIVILEGES – a natural person with the status of an entrepreneur, registered in the CEIDG register, making an Order as part of his business activity, but without relation
    to the professional nature of the indicated activity.

  5. CONSUMER – a customer who is a natural person, using the online store for purposes not directly related to his/her business activity.

  6. SUBJECT OF THE TRANSACTION – Goods listed and described on the Website.

  7. GOODS, PRODUCT – a movable item, intended for sale for profit, presented in the Online Store, to which the Sales Agreement applies.

  8. CONTRACT OF SALE – a contract for the sale of goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the Service Provider and the Client, using the website of the Store.

  9. INTERNET STORE (STORE) – Internet service available at , through which the Customer may place an order.

  10. ORDER – customer’s declaration of intent specifying unambiguously the type and quantity of goods, aiming directly at the conclusion of a SALE AGREEMENT.

  11. INTERNET STORE – the Service Provider’s online store available at the internet address belonging to the company AJK Jakub Odyjas.

  12. USED PART – by this name the buyer understands that the part comes from disassembly and has been used in the past. This part therefore bears traces of minor or major wear and tear, of which the buyer is informed in the text of the ad and through photos included in the ad. Therefore, the CUSTOMER makes the purchase consciously and, buying this used part, takes into account the fact that the part bears traces of use and, to some extent, is worn out. The SELLER, on the other hand, undertakes to inform, as far as it is possible, about the degree of wear and tear and defects of the part, if the part has such. AFTER PURCHASE YOU RECEIVE VAT MARGIN INVOICE ( 0 % VAT).

  13. NEW NOS ERA PART – by this name the customer understands that he is being sold a brand new part from the era in question. Parts from the era were purchased during the decommissioning of old stores or automotive dealerships of old days. These are original parts in stock. These parts, on the other hand, are more than 20-30 years old, were in the past warehoused, transported, and for this reason may have minor transport marks or scuffs, but have no manufacturing defects and are fully suitable for installation. AFTER PURCHASE WE RECEIVE VAT INVOICE OR FISCAL RECEIPT ( 23%) OR VAT INVOICE MARGIN.

  1. EARLY PRODUCTION REPLACEMENT – it is a replacement part produced in the present day on the basis of the original or a copy close to the original.

  2. CURIER SHIPPING – is a shipment sent from the seller to the customer. The shipping option isprovided by GLS, DPD, DHL, FEDEX couriers, Poczta Polska.


USA with customs clearance parcel 0-5 KG cost 50 EUR ( 15-35 days)

USA with customs clearance parcel 5-10 KG cost 75 EUR ( 15-35 days)

USA with customs clearance parcel 10-15 KG cost 85 EUR ( 15-35 days)

USA with customs clearance parcel 15-20 KG cost 100 EUR ( 15-35 days)

USA with customs clearance parcel 20-30 KG cost 125 EUR (15-35 days)


ENGLAND with customs clearance parcel 0-20 KG cost 50 EUR (5-15 days)
ENGLAND with customs clearance parcel 20-30 KG cost 75 Euro (5-15 days)


Europe parcel 0-10 KG 40 EUR (3-10 days)
Europe parcel 10-15 KG 60 EUR (3-10 days)

Europe parcel 15-30 KG 60 EUR (3-10 days)


Poland parcel 0-20 KG cost 4 EURO
Poland parcel 20-30 KG cost 12 EURO


  1. Payment in advance by PAYPAL OR BANK ACCOUNT

  2. Prices of goods are given in EUR currency!

  3. The object of the store is to sell products currently in the assortment and to enable the Customer to place Orders for the offered products through the website. The use of this service is possible after registration and logging in of the Customer in the Store or through a properly completed Order form without logging in. The Store allows free browsing of the Store’s assortment on the product pages.

  4. Sales are made via the Internet between the orderer as customer and the Store as Seller.

  5. Each Customer making a purchase of products offered by the Store is obliged to become familiar with the content of these Regulations.

  6. online store is located in POLAND. Shipments are made from POLAND.

  7. I always work alone. I ask customers for understanding and patience.

  8. Any goods can be returned within 14 days of purchase at the expense of the customer.

  9. Goods inconsistent with the description or reported as a complaint after being returned by the customer to the registered office of the company AJK Jakub Odyjas will be checked and after positive verification the purchase money, including the cost of delivery, will be returned to the customer.

  10. To make a return or complaint, you need to download the RETURN FORM which can be found in the RETURNS/CLAIMS section, (at the bottom of the page) fill it out and attach it to the return package. The address to which the goods should be sent back is given in the form.

  11. The return package CANNOT BE CASH ON DELIVERY. It will then not be collected by our company, but returned to the sender.

  12. The receipt or the received invoice must be attached to the Parcel.